Amore Dating

Making Love Happen with Blockchain

Using blockchain technology for dating is a rather novel idea. More importantly, rather than branding itself as the trailblazer, the focus of the Amore project is to offer a platform that is user-centric and service-oriented. Using integrated blockchain, we can solve a wide range of issues that are plaguing the typical centrally controlled popular dating apps and sites. From the perspective of the end-user, the biggest benefit that the Amore platform offers is its decentralized nature that ensures that there is no conflict of interest and that all the features and functions of the platform are user-centric and to an extent even user-generated.
Things that are impossible on a centralized dating platform such as identifying user choices and tastes and then mirroring them on the platform are made possible all thanks to the decentralized nature of our platform. Current financial structures employed by the centralized platform that runs dating platforms are also very limited. Tinder answers to its investors and shareholders and so does any other popular dating app currently on the market. Therefore, the real dating experience takes a back seat and profits reign supreme.