Amore Dating

Market Overview

The online dating world is a product of the internet revolution and thus has a history of no more than 10 years, it still is in infancy and needs to mature. Tinder being the most popular dating platform deserves the credit for shaping today’s online dating world. Tinder was launched in 2012 and to date, it has witnessed well over 20 billion matchmakings via its platform.
BUMBLE comes in at second number and currently enjoys 42 million active users with over 1.2 million subscribers to the platform’s premium features. These figures should be enough to tell the whole story. However, the current online dating industry is nowhere near its true potential. According to the latest analytics, the online dating world will double in size in the upcoming 8-10 years. In our Amore development journey, we carefully studied and analyzed the past, present, and future trends in the dating industry. The inferences drawn by us have helped us make Amore one of the most powerful and future-oriented online dating platforms.
Over the last ten years, the online dating world has evolved in some major ways. The industry is dominated heavily by a few dating apps and their parent corporations. Bumble and Tinder are the market leaders when it comes to active users and revenue. While Bumble came with the idea to give women the first choice in picking a partner, Tinder proved to be disruptive overall and gained popularity on the radical idea of selective dating. By the year 2014, Tinder had already monopolized the market but Bumble’s rise to fame allowed it to get a share of the pie from Tinder. Today, Bumble’s market valuation stands at a staggering $13 Billion.
After Bumble became a hit, the market witnessed a huge inflow of various dating apps, but none was able to scale successfully, at least not to the level where they had any say so in dictating “Dating Trends”. Not that the other attempts to enter the dating market were not innovative enough, they just had their unique problems and issues that were not resolved successfully. We have meticulously eliminated these issues with the Amore project because today their solutions are readily available as compared to 6-8 years ago when the dating world was just a novelty.