Amore Dating


“Amore whitepaper” is strictly intended for informational and educational purposes only. This document shouldn’t either be considered an offer document or an invitation to invest with the Amore project and any other projects associated with Amore. The primary purpose of the Amore project is to disrupt the status quo of the existing dating industry and the project intends to do so by bringing a revolution in the dating ecosystem. One thing important here is that the Amore Project doesn’t guarantee any success in “love life” which depends on various factors that don’t come under the scope of the Amore project. Amore project and any members associated with it don’t take any liability under any case, that may arise because of any emotional or personal trauma, or any disappoints that the user may face in case the project doesn’t meet the expectations. The Amore project takes every possible step to ensure that the end-users receive only the very best of the products and services.
Any person who is reading the Amore white paper confirms that they understand:
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    That the Amore project white paper is not an investment invitation, and the sole purpose of this document is to provide information regarding the Amore project.
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    That the Amore white paper comprises forward-looking statements so their meaning and any subsequent interpretations might not exactly match the facts presented.
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    That the Amore white paper contains data that was sourced from various third parties (data aggregators and/or research firms and/or news portals)
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    That the Amore project or any member associated with the project is not responsible for the information presented in this paper as they are based on the information collected by the third parties (refer to the clause “c”)
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    That before making any financial engagement or investment with the Amore project or/and with any of its products and services including but not limited to the $AMORE token, you take sole responsibility for your action and understand the risks associated with it.
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    That the Amore team and any of its associates would be exempt from any liability to the maximum extent of the law that may have arisen due to any individual’s and/or group of individuals and/or any institute’s financial decision made either directly or indirectly based on the contents of this document titled “Amore white paper document”
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    That the Amore project and any members associated with the project would be completely exempt from any liability financial or otherwise that may have arisen due to the actions of any third-party directly or indirectly associated with this project.
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    That the content presented in this whitepaper is subject to change and the project holds the rights to upgrade/modify the content or design without any prior notice
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    That only the Amore project owns complete rights to change/modify the data presented here.
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    That the content of this whitepaper either in its entirety or in part should not be disseminated, distributed, and/or propagated through any means including but not limited to digital and print without prior written and duly affirmed permission from the Amore project team.