Amore Dating

Executive Summary

In the last five years, the global data industry has witnessed a massive boom. Commissioned research findings concur with the reports presented by top data aggregators of international repute. According to these reports, revenues earned by top dating platforms have doubled between the years 2015 and 2019. In the past six years, the number of dating app users has increased by nearly 80%. Though the online dating industry is witnessing a massive boom, the concerning thing here is that the majority of stakeholders in this multi-billion dollar industry are just a handful of apps and their parent companies. Comparing the online dating industry to an “Oligarchy” would be a fair comparison. Sadly, our honest and innocent attempts at finding a partner online are being manipulated by the use (or misuse) of technology.
Moreover, the problem of data theft and scamming has been infesting the online dating world for a very long time. It is of paramount importance that we understand that matchmaking and dating is a very personal and important process that has widespread implicit and explicit social consequences. Dating has a direct impact on one’s mental and physical health as well. An authentic dating experience cannot be had in a fully controlled environment that is driven by corporate profit agenda and where the benefit of few undermines the wellbeing of many using excessive control and data-driven technology use.
It's time to challenge the status quo. Innovative impact-driven interventions are required to resist absolute control.
Through Amore, we aim to disrupt the current online dating world using a solution that is built on the powerful Binance Smart Chain Blockchain, to provide a revolutionary dating experience. Using its user-centric decentralized architecture and unique features, the Amore platform aims to create a completely organic dating experience where users have the liberty to explore and find their partners. Think of Amore as your technological Cupid that will make an untiring effort to help you find the partner of your dreams.
Last modified 2yr ago